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Stone Ear Audiology

Stone - Three Advanced Digital
Formats Advanced “Open Fit” Technology
Open Fit digital technology incorporates the use of an invisible mini-tube.
This allows hearing loss to be discreetly catered to with optimal performance without occlusion. Bass portions of the signal reach the ear in the form of direct sound.

Ear Hook Adaptability
Stone series can easily be changed from the Open Fit tubing to a traditional Ear Hook.

Integrated Circuit (IC)
Stone hearing products contain a micro-electronic computer circuit incorporated into a IC chip. Our Stone series is available with either a 12/8, 12/4, or 12/2 100% digital format. Also available is a Linear AGC-O version.

Enhanced Sound Quality with Paramagnetic Technology
Stone incorporates a new Paramagnetic Technology.
Research suggests this technology offers a level of protection from EMF (Electro-Magnetic-Frequencies)1.
This may increase sound quality and enhance the user‟s listening experience. EMF‟s are emitted from cellular phones, Wi-Fi systems, computers, microwave ovens, TV‟s, and many other electrical products. 1. Dr. Glen Rein. 2006 Published Report, Acupuncture and Electro Therapeutic Research Journal

Available in beige, dark grey, light grey, blonde, brunette and auburn to discreetly blend with hair color. Custom colors also available.

Professional Programming
To meet the needs of the professional hearing community, a CS44 socket is provided for individual custom computer programming. Software is provided at no charge.

User Adjustable Controls
Available with user adjustable volume and multi-memory button. This is combined with adaptive monitoring of the users environment to provide superior sound quality.

Fitting Tips
Each instrument comes with a variety of fitting tips to accommodate all ear sizes and listening requirements from open to fully closed fittings.

Microphone Noise Reduction
An algorithm has been implemented to reduce the response below the auditory threshold. This reduces the effects of noise in a quiet environment.

Data Logging
Data Logging monitors and provides information of the wearing time of the instrument, program usage, and the acoustical environment of the user.

Feedback Management
An adaptive phase cancellation feedback system suppresses whistling sounds (feedback). This allows increased gain without loss of acoustic clarity.

Directional Microphones
Optional directional microphone system (two microphones). If the environment detection is a noisy situation, a directional memory mode can be used to help separate noise from the speech signal.

Tinnitus Masker
Tinnitus refers to “ringing in the ears”. Ovation IC can be programmed to produce a low level white noise to mask the ringing tone. This helps eliminate the ringing sound and provides Tinnitus therapy for the user.

Multiple Memory Situation Button and Manual Volume Control
The memory button allows the user to switch between memory functions for different environmental situations, or increments of volume. An audible tone acknowledges each change in memory. For those who prefer manual adjusting, a user controlled volume wheel is available.

Low Battery Warning
A series of beeps will give the user an advanced warning as to when the battery will expire. 312 battery is used for extended life